Life and Everything

The First Post

Since I ditching the handbags (Becky Moore Handbags) last year, I’ve been trying to decide whether to hold on to my website.  I have hummed and haa-d: the whole idea was to concentrate on my Guitar Geekery range, put all my creative energy into that, cut down on the stuff that isn’t earning it’s keep.  Why then do I want to be bothering with maintaining a blog?  I should just shut it all down, and the Facebook page too.  But I was resistant.  This is what my resistances were:

Firstly, it took me a long time and a steep learning curve to build up my handbag designing business, and it feels like a step too far to consign the lot of it to archives.  Sentimentality.

Velvet Bags

Secondly, I gained a lot of loyal friends and customers during the Handbag Years, and I don’t like walking away from friends.  Something about not being good at severing links perhaps, not good at saying goodbye.

Thirdly there’s the question of how I can utilise a following to help me reach my new goals – a little less sentimental, a little more practical. (Mercenary?  I hope not entirely.)

As I pondered on this, I asked myself why, on such flimsy grounds, was I still hooked on the idea?  It finally came to me: I like writing!  I really try hard not to like the sound of my own words, and I wonder why?  I like the drawings I draw, and the sewings I sew, and the garden I dig and the food I cook, why can’t I allow myself to like the words that I write.

So here we are, with me trying to feel it’s okay to like the words I write.  I hope some of you will like them too, but I’ll probably keep writing them anyway!