Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and Me !

I enjoy marketing. There’s no getting away from it, when you run a business of your own, on your own, you have to get down and dirty with every aspect of it.  Now I absolutely LOATH book-keeping with every fibre of my body.  But marketing I like.  And digital marketing I like a lot.  I like it so much, I actually chose to do a diploma in it earlier this year.  With an exam and everything.  Blimely.

What is digital marketing when-it’s-at-‘ome I hear you cry?  It’s what you do to promote your business and products on line basically.  It’s your website and blog and social media and emailing and online ads.

The social media bit I particularly enjoy.  I think of it as a big networking event.  Arghh, not a networking event!  Oh to hell with it, I’ll admit it, I enjoy networking events.  I enjoy communicating with people.  Even when I’m nervous about it, or a bit intimidated, I enjoy it.  Maybe that makes me unusual, or even a bit peculiar?

Most people I know hate this part of their businesses.  Or just don’t have time to do it.  They need someone else to do it for them…. and so it has come to pass that I am now taking on clients to do their social media marketing for them.  Quite by accident I seem to have created my perfect (other) job!    It’s very interesting, blogging for other people.  Speaking in their “voice”. Researching and writing about subjects that will interest their customers.  Planning campaigns and promotions.  Planning and scheduling social media posts.  It’s strangely exciting and I do love a good spreadsheet!

For the time being, my own Guitar Geekery brand is my main business, but this new line of work is becoming increasingly interesting, and who knows where it might go …

Digital Marketing
It’s stock photo! Really, as if I’d make notes with a royal blue felt tip. Navy blue maybe ….






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