Life and Everything

We don’t want to feel younger

I’m part of an informal group of creative women who are around menopause age. We’re all different, we’re all experiencing menopause differently, and we have our individual ways of dealing with it, embracing it, and generally living it. Today, a few of us met up to chat about our experiences, share our knowledge, ask questions, but mostly to share how great we all feel about being this old.

So much of the language used around middle aged and older women is this idea that we all want to feel (and look) younger. Whether it’s face creams, or fitness or HRT, so often it’s about trying to stave off old age. Air brushing out your wrinkles, giving you back your youth. I’m on HRT, because perimenopause was playing havoc with my body and mind. It’s a wonder drug. I wouldn’t be without it. But get this, it doesn’t make me feel younger, and I don’t want it to.

At our meet up today, one thing we all agreed on is the liberation and the strength we feel at being the age we are. We love the wisdom it gives us, the self confidence, the not worrying about what other people think. There’s no doubt that some of us have struggles and many hurdles in life, but there’s something of a lioness’s roar in us all.  I think we have a duty to let younger people know, look, it’s great being us, really great, don’t be afraid of getting older.

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