Life and Everything

World COPD Day

It’s World COPD Day today, in recognition of people who, like me,  suffer from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. 

I was going to go to the gym, in my own personal celebration of continuing to survive this damn thing. But I’ve been slain by a migraine this morning, so it’s sofa and snooze instead. It’s frustrating living with one chronic illness, never mind two. Ah well, at least I got a bit of work done first. 

The British Lung Foundation have an interesting film about living with COPD, which I’ve shared below because the man featured explains life with COPD so well – you have to think about every breath you take, he says, and he’s right, that’s how I often feel. My own COPD isn’t as advanced as his yet, but still I see myself in this film. 

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