A Week in Cornwall

I went on holiday. Yes that's right, a proper bona fide holiday. With sunshine, and no work (apart from a phone call from my deputy/son with a query about an order he was processing).  Bliss. Seven days with no interruption, no obligations. I don't remember the last time that happened. Years. And sunshine. All without… Continue reading A Week in Cornwall

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Thanksgiving: A Day of Mourning

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today, have a fabulous day!  It's more than a harvest festival, it's family, it's culture.  It's about giving thanks for a bountiful and beautiful land.  What a wonderful thing to celebrate.  Maybe we should all reinvent Harvest Festival here in the UK.  But .... But there's one not-so-little fly in… Continue reading Thanksgiving: A Day of Mourning


Fair Scarborough

Our annual trip to Scarborough I love Scarborough.  It has just about everything you want from a seaside town.  A harbour, a funfair, a pier.  A promenade, a sandy beach.  A castle, cliffs, wide vistas, fishing boats.  Chips, doughnuts, icecream, rock, candyfloss.  (Actually I hate candyfloss, but it’s an essential part of seaside nevertheless).  Cheesy… Continue reading Fair Scarborough