A Very Small Break Indeed

It’s not all doom and gloom round here.  While our lives may have been turned upside down, we’re working really hard at actually living it.  So with that in mind, we booked a mini break.  When I say mini, I mean minute – 30 hours in a town 15 miles from home.  Does that count… Continue reading A Very Small Break Indeed


A Week in Cornwall

I went on holiday. Yes that's right, a proper bona fide holiday. With sunshine, and no work (apart from a phone call from my deputy/son with a query about an order he was processing).  Bliss. Seven days with no interruption, no obligations. I don't remember the last time that happened. Years. And sunshine. All without… Continue reading A Week in Cornwall

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Thanksgiving: A Day of Mourning

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today, have a fabulous day!  It's more than a harvest festival, it's family, it's culture.  It's about giving thanks for a bountiful and beautiful land.  What a wonderful thing to celebrate.  Maybe we should all reinvent Harvest Festival here in the UK.  But .... But there's one not-so-little fly in… Continue reading Thanksgiving: A Day of Mourning


Fair Scarborough

Our annual trip to Scarborough I love Scarborough.  It has just about everything you want from a seaside town.  A harbour, a funfair, a pier.  A promenade, a sandy beach.  A castle, cliffs, wide vistas, fishing boats.  Chips, doughnuts, icecream, rock, candyfloss.  (Actually I hate candyfloss, but it’s an essential part of seaside nevertheless).  Cheesy… Continue reading Fair Scarborough