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We don’t want to feel younger

I'm part of an informal group of creative women who are around menopause age. We're all different, we're all experiencing menopause differently, and we have our individual ways of dealing with it, embracing it, and generally living it. Today, a few of us met up to chat about our experiences, share our knowledge, ask questions,… Continue reading We don’t want to feel younger

Life and Everything

Growing Up Weird

Growing up in the 60s and 70s. Platforms, hotpants, spacehoppers, big hair, weird toys, orange, yellow, short skirts, long skirts, pop music, Tiny Tears, roller skates, magazines..... Everything you needed to be cool. But what if your parents were so anti-cool, they were practically in the furnace? My parents were anti-tinsel. This made the annual… Continue reading Growing Up Weird

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Menopause and Makeup

Today I bought Pillarbox Red lipstick. I've never got on with red lipstick. Infact, despite having what might be seen as an unhealthy interest in all other makeup, lipstick has always scared me a bit. There's something about it feels old fashioned. Perhaps because it was the only makeup my mum and her mum wore.… Continue reading Menopause and Makeup