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Hey! Keep your smugness to yourself.

I got involved in an interesting discussion online. Part of the ongoing project of a friend who is on a mission to reduce the waste her household produces. She's doing an impressive job, but occasionally she comes across something that is neither reuseable nor recyclable nor compostable. This morning it was waxed paper. (Which is… Continue reading Hey! Keep your smugness to yourself.


Hoping to be Hopeful

Election Night All-nighter I'm recovering from an all-nighter.  Just me and my phone and the internet, watching the election results unfold.  Now I'm a little weary, and in need of coffee and sweet things. I've never been a member of a political party (unless you count 3 months in a one-horse dodgy Trotskyist outfit when… Continue reading Hoping to be Hopeful

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Thanksgiving: A Day of Mourning

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today, have a fabulous day!  It's more than a harvest festival, it's family, it's culture.  It's about giving thanks for a bountiful and beautiful land.  What a wonderful thing to celebrate.  Maybe we should all reinvent Harvest Festival here in the UK.  But .... But there's one not-so-little fly in… Continue reading Thanksgiving: A Day of Mourning


My White Poppy For Remembrance

My white poppy is a remembrance of all victims of war. To all armed forces personnel, whatever side they are fighting on. And the civilians who are killed in wars. All those who have been imprisoned and victimised for resisting war. For the child soldiers and conscripts who have been forced to fight. My poppy is a challenge to those who try to glamourise war. It is a challenge to those who make money from war.

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Homophobia-denying is part of the problem

  Last night Sky News had political commentator Owen Jones in to talk about yesterday’s horrific homophobic atrocity in Orlando, Florida.  Owen Jones if you don’t know, is an author, journalist, columnist, blogger, public speaker and has become one of the media’s go-to left wing commentators.  He’s also gay.  So, Sky News got gay political commentator… Continue reading Homophobia-denying is part of the problem