If Voting Changed Anything

The last few days have been depressing and confusing.  My social media timelines are full of friends feeling betrayed, frightened, angry about the outcome of the Referendum.  Shared petitions, reports of awful racism flaring up, political parties in turmoil, uncertain economy, and shaky exchange rates.  I’m trying to be level headed, trying to hold my… Continue reading If Voting Changed Anything

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Homophobia-denying is part of the problem

  Last night Sky News had political commentator Owen Jones in to talk about yesterday’s horrific homophobic atrocity in Orlando, Florida.  Owen Jones if you don’t know, is an author, journalist, columnist, blogger, public speaker and has become one of the media’s go-to left wing commentators.  He’s also gay.  So, Sky News got gay political commentator… Continue reading Homophobia-denying is part of the problem