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Lost the Faith

What is it to fall out of love with your life? I’ve not written publicly about my current circumstances because it is too personal and private, not just to me but to my family.  We are currently living with the reality of incurable cancer, with imminent loss and grief and bereavement.  It is surprising me… Continue reading Lost the Faith


Is ‘Artist’ a Proper Job Title?

I had a meeting with a bank manager yesterday.  You know what banks are, they need to extract every detail of your life from you.  I know why, and it makes sense (fraud, money laundering, credit rating etc etc), but I hate it. I particularly hate the inevitable question about what I do for a… Continue reading Is ‘Artist’ a Proper Job Title?

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and Me !

I enjoy marketing. There's no getting away from it, when you run a business of your own, on your own, you have to get down and dirty with every aspect of it.  Now I absolutely LOATH book-keeping with every fibre of my body.  But marketing I like.  And digital marketing I like a lot.  I… Continue reading Digital Marketing and Me !